It's the time of the year again. Christmas is really just around the corner! woohoo! December na agad and we are counting few more days til Christmas. Few more days until we say goodbye to 2015 and welcome 2016. yay! I already feel the vibes though. How about you? Can you feel that cold breeze through window? Brrr!

This is the month when people get to attend Christmas Parties, Family Reunions, Get together with friends, and more festivities. Are your gifts ready for kris kringles/ monito monita/ exchange gifts? 

Well if not, let me share to you how fun shopping online. If you don't feel like going to malls/bazaars because it's crowded, why not try shopping online? It's Hassle-free and it's just a tap away. Let me share you my story and what it felt ordering at Shopee.

I have tried different online shops before. But of course, before buying, I see to it that it is money-guaranteed and trustful. Lately, I discovered this SHOPEE app.

Here's my profile...

I ordered items from this shop. The app is easy to use and very accessible and convenient. What I like about Shopee is you will get to filter the amount you want to spend and you can chat the seller live to talk about which items you want to order.

After finalizing orders, they will let you choose which bank would you like to pay.

Then after paying at the bank, you must take a photo of the receipt then upload it to shopee for confirmation of payment :) 


In a couple of days, your orders will be delivered right away to your doorsteps! How cool is that, right? so awesome! so quick! I got mine na from JRS express.


Experience shopping at shopee din! You can download the app for free! :)

Miss Monica 

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