My incomparable dining experience happened last month at Ace Hotel & Suites.

The hotel
is just a few kilometers away from the busy Edsa and it is located at Brixton Street, near Pioneer, United St, Pasig. The steak house is located at the 8th floor of the hotel wherein the place is open from Tuesdays to Sundays between 6pm to 10pm and has designed to reflect a romantic yet vibrant atmosphere.

An exquisite preparation of Sky Garden Steak house's cuisine offers an equally delicious entrées including steaks and more yummy meals. As I've entered inside, the approachable staff assisted me and treat me well like VIP. The Beautiful ambiance of the place will lead you to feel comfortable.

The 6-course set Dinner worth 1,299.00php started with these two unique combinations of  Appetizers.

Shrimp and Curry (220php)The chewy shrimps really goes well with the curry. I also tried mixing it with the bite-sized tomatoes.

followed by Garlic bread paired with Mushroom antipasto.(220php)I tasted the antipasto itself and it was like more cheese in it.  I don't know if it was the antipasto or me. hehe. But still, it is way more delicious when you add the soft slices of garlic bread.

The all-time favorite soups were also present and served to warm the romantic night while melodic songs playing as background.

Cream of Pumpkin and Carrot Soup (180php)
In this soup, there's an after taste of the carrot. The presence of the carrots in this soup was very strong. So good that they made it more creamy.

And to those who want to have light soup may also try their clear soup like
Seafood Consommé (180php)strong mushroom taste! that's it.

Then being followed by Fresh Mixed Green Vegetables drizzled with Sesame Dressing. (180php)
I like this dish because they made me more excited for the Main course. haha!
The vegetables were very crispy and the green apples were so sweet. Perfect combination!

After the minutes of waiting, the main course has finally arrived.
I had a  OMAHA USDA Prime Striploin 300g (1,650php)what's the first thing will you expect when eating steaks? Diba it's hard to chop? Well, Seriously, mine was not! I didn't had a hard time eating this. It's very chewable and yummy. Imagine me eating a 300g striploin steak chopping it softly and quickly. So amazing!
Matching with the grilled sweetcorns, sliced carrots, mashed potatoes and fried garlic.

Aside from what I had, the Sky Garden also offers different kind of Steaks including:
St. Helen's USDA Choice Rib Eye 300g (950php)
Australian Pure Black Angus Tenderloin 200g (1,150php)
BBQ-Glazed Baby Back Ribs (650php)

and variety of Entreés like:
Chilean Seabass with Apricot Tamarind Glaze (850php)
Corniche Chicken with Organic Wild Rice Pilaf (650php)
Pan-Grilled US Porkloinn with Sauteéd Diced Potatoes (650php)
Grilled Siracha - Glazed Salmon AglioOilio Pasta (650php)
Prawns Thermidore (650php)

It ended serving with the sweetest Créme Brulee (180php)
with bite-sized watermerlon, ponkan and papaya. The outcome of the brulee tasted like leche flan. I think there's more egg in it.

After the couple of hours eating, this Hot Tea saved the night. haha! I requested for it. Nothing special with this tea because it is the usual twinnings-like tea :)

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You can call 628-1888 for table reservations and inquiries or visit Ace Hotel's website at or follow @skygardensteakhouse on social pages.

 Miss Monica 

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