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Another jam-packed event happened last saturday at the Whitespace Manila. So surreal!


I'm so happy that we were able manage the gustlist booth at the entrance. Originally, by 10am the gates should be opened but it seemed like everyone was so excited because 8am palang, there were long lines na. Excited to have first dibs and meet & greet their favorite bloggers as well.
Photo from Bloggers United facebook
It was huge this time because of the BIG partner, SMART. They had a paadars like DJs and free mocktails at the event. A little YOLO happenings and get-togethers.
Photo from Bloggers United facebook
SmartAlwaysIn Barkada
Photo from Bloggers United facebook

Janeena Chan and Paul Chuapoco as the Hosts. Two thumbs up for these two! They were very nice hosting the event because a lot people had fun joining in their pa games and stuff. Good job, guys!
Photo from Bloggers United facebook

It's kinda blockbuster. A lot of people came and supported the event. Aside from an interactive shopping affair, fun booths were also present in the event to give away freebies for the attendees.
Photo from Bloggers United facebook

The best part of the event was everyone got to meet bloggers and guest celebrities. Wherein you can get along with them like taking selfies, bondings, and etc. One that I like most in BUs is that you can be able to meet new friends.

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DENIM [den-uh m] - noun
a heavy, Z-twist, twill cotton for jeans, overalls, and other work and leisure garments.

I humbly *wink* followed the theme of the event. It's because of the CHALK magazine's latest issue of Camille Co, Kryzz Uy and Laureen Uy on the cover. They all wearing denims. CHALK is also one of the sponsors of BU9.

Weeks before the event, I already bought an outfit from Wrangler. Fortunately it's a denim. haha!

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Here's a photo dump from Bloggers United 9 event :)

The guys who I admire most, Paul Chuapoco and David Guison. *hart hart*

These three fashion powered women who I always look up to; in blogging, work and styling - Aisa Ipacin blogging and lovelife *hehe* #relationshipGoals - Arnie Villanueva and Ana Gonzales in blogging and lifestyle. minus muna si kuya joed on the photo. hehe!

and with the BU squad!! woot woot!! Congratulations to us, guys! We nailed it! yeah!
All our efforts were super worth it. From the pre-event posting to the day itself. yay! so amazing! Thank you team! Enchie, Ruth, Alex, Jamin, Chelsi, Yana, Phya, Ate kai and mommy Jen :)

Thank you, ate Ana and ate Pax for always trusting us in this big project. Bloggers United has a big space in my heart. Every BU is so special to me. Feeling ko always may debut kaya dapat always bongga din. hehe xD

I'm so excited and ready for the next! yay! #BU10 ♥

 Miss Monica 


  1. HUUUUY SOBRANG KILIG NAMAN SA POST NA TO!!!! <3 Thanks baby girl for always supporting us! Dalaga ka na huhu and Joed and I will pray for your success in studies and career! We love you!


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