I know it’s a "ber" months na but can you blame me? I really want to swim. HAHA! Plus, it's really more fun when your friends are with you having the best time of your life. Well, It was a fun-filled day to hang with them and a lot(as in!) of memories have stored forever in our minds.

It was one fine midnight of Friday when we went down somewhere in south to release all our stresses in life and have fun with each others company. Yes, we left around midnight to less the traffic and to have sleep while on the road.

So great to be with them! We had boodle fights, kwentuhan sesh, swimming galore and FUN!
We played lots of games in the court of the resort, we wait til the sun says HI, we had sleepovers (in separation of boys and girls ha), we took many (many,many) pictures (groupies, selfies and even under water), we bond a lot and we made the best of it.

This escapade made our friendship more stronger and stronger even though we never see each others flesh often but at least we have a time for each other.

Woot Woot! The best part of the escapade was the under water adventure. Of course it would never be completed without an under-water cameyow! Seriously, It took me so loooong before I got to shot under water. First, Imma bit scared of putting my cam into the water because of I dunno reason. haha! (yes! I'm kinda weird anyway) Second, It's soooo hard to open my eyes underneath and I hate it >_<. Third and lastly, it's hard to take because of the lightnings (because it was night when we did it. haha!).

Actually, we planned it for summer season but because of the summer camp that we had to attend, we resched and resched over and over again! nayyy! until we got the exact date na this early ber month. But then we pushed it through and made it successfully.


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