It was my second time attending blogapalooza. The event happened last Oct 11 at SMX Sm Aura.
But this time, the hall got bigger. Everything went smoothly. From the booths, lots of games and of course, the programs. Congrats When In Manila , Our Awesome Planet  , business partners and to the team behind! Such a success! I really had a great time and had so much fun.  I've listed the reasons (based on my own) why you, blogger, must come to every year's blogapalooza event :)
*No particular order ha*


1. Booths
The event will not be possible without booths of a business partners. They could meet bloggers to promote their brands and social media pages by asking them to like or follow it.



FLAWLESS booth really caught my eyes! Isn't so girly?. haha :)



2. Goodies and Prizes
 Booths gave a loot of some of their products/samples to bloggers to try and review it on their blogs.
Other booths conducted an online raffle like posting a photos on twitter, facebook and Instagram.
I'm very happy because I got these from raffles and contests. hehe


3. Games
A lot of booths have a games and the winner/s may take home a prizes from their brands.

GO NATURALS booth: Pinoy Henyo - photo 1
Blue Water Day Spa: shoot the ball on the cups photo 2
ZING: Minute to Win it photo 3&4

Chooks to Go : Kwelavan. I love this booth!

Victoria Court & Zomato: Spin a Wheel
Flawless: Pop a Zit

4. Meeting a new/old friends
A time where you can get the chance to talk to your fellow blogger friends and or new people.

With Maxene Magalona. Saw her again! Cutesy! 💕

Mhisha and Zandy :)

Angeline Rodriguez and bff Nato :)

5. Programs
The last part of the event was the program where bloggers can win HUGE prizes from sponsors and other partners. Fortunately, I got some. hehe!

The talk of Ms. Karen Bordador of Sister Secrets

Such an awesome event! YOU MUST COME NEXT TIME!



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