Hi :) . Another random post which I've missed out because of hiatus. Not posting anything lately and what I've missed about is having an OOTD here in my blog. Its just because I'm very busy these past few months after the graduation. Fixing some important things, accomplishing tasks, attending activities in church and sleep (Lol. Haha! sorry)

yes, random title also :) from newest hit; Trumpets by Jason Derulo. My favorite song so far.

About the outfit? believe it or not, what I'm wearing was from thrift shop :) yay!
I mixed the floral-ish skirt with a white stylish top because I want to look formal and simple. Of course the most important is if you are comfortable on what you are wearing. Plus a comfy flats for an outdoor activities on that day. I accessorized it also with a pearl-y bracelets and mixed it up with the pink one to look more matchy with the skirt.


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