The half day of my Friday was spent in Mall of Asia.
Noon: I accompany the fambam, Night: I went to #T@ttAwards2k14 with Myke, Nelio & chelsi to support David Guison 'cause he was nominated in two categories :)

my date that night. LOL ^_^

Then bumped into these people and watched them perform! *Party-Like*
Marcelo Santos III and Bamboo (cutieeee) ♥ ♥♥
The Gutz - Richard Gutierrez and his mi amour, Sarah Lahbati



Saturday, I went to the book launch of one of my favorite sisters in the world,
Vern & Verniece Enciso

I love how the decorations look girl-ish :) swetie pink-ish cakes really made my day! Everything went smoothly and super uber happy!

I was solo-mode when I went but then met a familiar friends like Kheeyee (in brown shirt), I've been with her when vern invited us to the private tasting of YABU at MOA and Alex (in grey shirt), she's my virtual friend (on twitter) and finally met her xD

great to see again my favorite people on the web!
Christine Liwag & mommy Arnie Villanueva

Looking fresh! haha xx
Ana Gonzales & Ava Zabat

the new hairdo, Paul the PR guy ♥

when our book signed, had a chance to have a photo op with the sisters - vern and verniece..


Very proud to these two amazing girls in my life. I remember when I saw them on the web and started stalking them because they really catch my attention every time they post something new. Naaaaahhh! Can't believed it, they have a book na! SML to them ♥


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  1. wow! fun fun night! :)))
    anyway, i have an on-going blog giveaway and i would be happy if you could join: http://www.raellarina.net/2014/07/big-international-giveaway-for-my-21st.html


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