Sorry for the hiatus. Here's what happened to Instax DIY day :)

We all know that people in this generation are invariably do selfies, groupies and OOTDs right? even the foods we eat, the juices/coffees/teas we drink, the places we've been to or what's happening in our daily lives are needed to be documented in our social accounts. The good thing about instax cameras is you can get to print photos immediately and it's not hassle to use. For me, soft copy photos are not enough to be appreciated (LOL!) it is better to print it out so that it can be kept. I am the person who loves to collect pictures lalo na pag memorable ang ganaps hehe!

This event taught me how to make pictures more useful and decorative. They allowed us to print out our own photos from mobile phones using the newest INSTAX SHARE. First, I was so amazed! In just an easy steps, you can now own a hard copy photo in a cutesy film same as instax camera's film.

It was lunch time when we went to the event, before ate Ana's workshop session, so everyone was not yet around and having their meals. We strolled around muna sa booths to check what's going on.


The first workshop was a doodling session with kerwin king. Sad because didn't had a chance to take photos because we came late narin and it will about to finish na. The second workshop that we had was with ate Ana Gonzales.She taught us how to decorate instax photos, use it as a bookmarks, calendars, wall decors and tags. Napaka artsy nya. She's really amazing! Didn't event realize that instax photos can be used as like that pala. haha! ang annoying ko. Lol xx

The third and last workshop was with VERNIECE ENCISO - THE NEWEST INSTAX SHARE MODEL  She taught us naman how to make pop-up cards.

The exciting part of the program was they gave a different prizes from participating sponsors to different people who has a magical hands and creative minds, plus! a brand new instax camera to the best artsy and creative work. The winner was from our table, chelsi's friend. Don't know her name but she's nice and has a magical hands talaga. lol hahahaha! Congrats girl :)

Met a nice people din like celebrities ♥
Nash Aguas
& Axel of PBB

Sofia Andres - the Athena Abigail of the newest movie hit, She's Dating The Gangster  ♥

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