DEFINITELY ONE FOR THE BOOKS! Part of my childhood was dreaming of how to be a princess like Ariel of Disney Princesses. Ariel is the mermaid who has a bright red-ish hair who marries prince Eric and lived happily ever after. hehe! x

It's just an hour drive away to go to Manila Ocean Park. They have the newest attractions called "Mermaid Swim Experience". You will get to try the tail of a mermaid in the real sea water with the basic swimming lessons.


First, It took me so loooooooong before I got the basic tail-waiving activity in the water. Haha! seriously it was hard because the tail was quite heavy to use. Tho there were trainers, it took me so long talaga!
This experience was truly for keeps! The most memorable highlights of my Summer 2014! Thanks to MOP for inviting us.

Visit them!
Manila Ocean Park: Behind Quirino Grandstand, Luneta Park, 1000 Manila, Philippines
Telephone: (02) 567-7777 ext 118, 119, and 123


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