Can you believed it? The 7th time of B.U just happened last week! Cheers to the team of Bloggers United for another successful event :) Never get tired attending an event like this. SML ♥


The 7th BU is my favorite BU so far :) Because it is not only just  a bazaar of bloggers, it is also a fair that everyone can surely enjoy! They added a booths, food tracks/stalls, and other awesome activities

*Like a Boss!* HAHAHAHA!

Bestie rhen won a gift certificates from EIKA! Sooooo amaaaazzziinnnggg!!

The best part of the event is you can have a chance to meet and bond your favorite fashion icons/bloggers with the never ending selfies or groupies ♥♥♥

More photos of the people I've met in BU7 here: ♥-♥-♥ (click the hearts)


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