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Have you tried their first released before? If yes, how was it? For sure, that was pretty good and yummy :)
Well now, Occubite made the muffins bigger and better! They made it larger to suit you tastes and occupy your bites.  :)

Take a look to the photos and you'll crave for it. Lol xx

Black Angels (dark mocha coffee)
Black Eye Peace (chocolate chips)

Gwen Stefany (yam)
alements (californian almonds)
old school (chocolate rice)

planets of ape (peanut butter)

jack sparrow (hazelnuts)
white tower (white chocolate)

aliens (dark chocolate x 3)
morning glory (oakmeal nestum)

classic (vanilla)
bay watch (red velvet)
bruberry (blue berry)

dark knight (chocolate mocha)
eagle eye (coffee raisin)

megan floss (spicy chicken floss)
joker (colour rice)
woulverine (double chocolate)

men in black (oreo)
MNG (fresh mango)

crispy-na aguilera (crispy rice)
titan ae


Visit them on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/OccubitePhilippines

This summer season, they'll launch a first ever workshop for kids at their store. Perfect for mom who has a child with creative minds. Because they will get a chance to design a muffins on their own. So you better visit them! They haven't released a date yet because the venue(robinsons atrium) is still tentative.

Occubite is located at Level 1, Midtown Wing (in front of supermarket) Robinsons Manila.


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