Have you noticed, I’ve been posting beauty-related so lately? Haha! Anyways, I went to Ellen’s Aesthetic Mabini Branch opening last Thursday at Oaks Hotel.  Beauty stuff again. Seriously, I’m happy attending events like these, because I can get a chance to know about beautifying since I’m not a girl who always depends on make-ups or any beauty products.

Here's some guests who've attended to the said event with the owner, Ellen Lising and her daughter (in red dress), Janice Lising.

Me with the owner! Great upon knowing her.

Ellen’s Aesthetic has three basic branches of services which are: (1) Aesthetic Center, (2) Surgical
Center, (3) Whitening Center.

1.) Aesthetic concerns on face or skin problems. Any kinds of face and skin embellishing, Ellen's has it! Then, say hello to the new branch of ellen's. Another Aesthetic place you can get into.

2.) Surgical. This is the place where you can boost your natural beauty. They has a highly
qualified doctors and medical practitioners so you can't get any trouble.

3.) Whitening Center & Day Spa. This was the latest in Ellen’s line of services where you can avail in Timog Branch only.

Blogger friends, Tina, Shekinah and Monica.

Thanks to MJ, for inviting us!

Visit Ellen's on:
Check it out where's the locations ------> Ellen's Branches,


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