Summer is fast-approaching! can you feel it? Who's excited? Maybe in the next coming weeks, you'll be so busy preparing on what to wear? what to try? where to go? and etc. HAHA! I feel you :)

Well, this post is fit for you! Went to Club Manila East last last Sunday with fellow bloggers to explore the place. Let me share you my experience.....

Club Manila East(CME)is popular when it comes to water-related amenities and  has ton of  activities that is surely worth trying for! Aside from their amazing pools, CME also offers a function hall (for parties, group activities, company agendas and etc.), rooms (for over nights) and restos/food booths. One-Stop-Resort for everyone.

With my fellow bloggers and CME's personnel.

 I never tried boating before, so a first timer here! hehe! the K A Y A K ing!
Seriously, it was fun! tho I can't hardly positioned my self because I might fall. But still, I enjoyed it. Went around on pool's corners and bumped others' boat (haha).

My favey thingy! lol :) B e a c h  V o l l e y b a l l . I used to be a v-player when I was grade six til grade eight and part of our school's varsity. We played under the sun and tried our luck to get those GCs from CME. But sad to say, my team didn't win the game. huhu </3 Why so hard to play under the sun than in court? waaah!

woot woot! Z i p   L i n e babyyyy! hehe :"3 Got to face my fears of heights when I tried this. Swear! bit scared to heights. I enjoyed it superrr! I wanna try it again! haha.

and of course, the swimming galore! Went to different pools around and dipped. Don't mind my body figure! (please lang) hehehe. I'm really trying to be fit and achieve the sexy and healthy bod.

Lastly, the S u r f   B o a r d i n g. A first timer here again. The instructor taught us first before we started. A basics steps for beginners like us.

I'm super happy when I tried it on! tho, first, its not that easy because you might fall. I tried my luck to apply the basic steps for almost 20 times. As a result, I did it once (yes! only one time) hahaha. at least, I did my best. Thanks to the friendly instructor for having a long patience.

And that's it!! hope you enjoyed my story. lol. I really had a great time staying at CME. kulang talaga ang one day :(  I'll promise to be back maybe this April coz I heard CME will be having a discounts and they'll open a new amenities. How cool is that, right? LET'S GO BACK!!

Thank you so much Club Manila East for letting me experience what I've never tried before. Also, to the people behind CME for being very friendly and accommodating to us especially Sir Reu Dellota, Sir Louie Ramirez and Christian Sikat :) Thank you so much! <3


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  1. Haha credits please lol. Nuffnang Party next :)

    1. Hi guys! Thanks for the feeds. hehe x
      I put credits na.

  2. it is indeed a fun-filled experienced.

  3. Wow. So you've been to Rizal already. There are so many places to visit in Rizal :)
    I have an ongoing giveaway. You might wanna join? There are so many pretty things to win, perfect for a pretty girl like you! And it's very easy to join, I swear! :)



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