I know, its a weird thing to swim during cold seasons. HAHA! yah! we're weird! Well, here in the Philippines, "ber" is the start of cold seasons or I should say, a gentle breeze. It means, the Holiday season is fast approaching :)

My friends and I have decided to have a mini-Christmas party. But, due to our own festivities, we haven't celebrated before Christmas. So, we did it before New Years. Just like a post-Christmas Party. haha xx

My twin, Monica offered her boyfriend's spare condo to use for our celebration.
The party happened at Avenue of the Art. We were so lucky because the condo's infinity pool was clean and no tenants wanted to swim that time. So, we soloed the whole place.

when we knew that we can use the pool because the staff cleaned it, WOAH! obviously, we had picture takings on the set. I prepared three outfits for this event. Wait it coz' I'll post it in different entry and backdrops. lols.

You will see us in different outfit because as I've said, we prepared outfits for this.

Raiding out the bedrooms.
Tina, Me, Monica (my twin), Chelsi & Mia

We arrived by nearly lunch time so we ordered Greenwich's. The food package was fit for us due to its heavy meals and pocket friendly.

WAAAAAAHH!!! SWIMMING TIME!!! my favorite part! yay x
Sorry if I'm too crazy over this. I just can't help myself. hahahaha

Barkada loves <3

After we get tired of swimming and we felt like a hungry birds(lol), we've decided to go back to the unit and grab some snacks which was the Red Ribbon cake brought by twin's boyfie.

AND we swam again! har har :"3
because we really missed out the summer season before, so we felt like it was on the same way!


We didn't stay up late on the condo ( tho its fine with twin to have our sleep over sesh) because some of us came from far places. We left by past 7pm.

But before that, as I've told you that this staycation was our post-Christmas celebration, we had our "mini kris kringle". We exchanged gifts for each other.

Awwwww, I really miss hanging out with friends, especially on swimmings and etc.
can we do it again guys? *tina, chels, twin & mia*



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