Dear Santa ( Ninongs & Ninangs/Friends or Family),

I want all these! please please. I'm begging you! Loljk :"D This is my first time to do a Christmas Wish List portion on my blog, sorry if I'm asking too much. hehe :"3

1.) Kate Spade Bag.I started loving bags since Kate Spade showed me their new collections! OMG!! I can't help myself. Kinda bag addict now! haha x
2.) Dresses. I'm more comfortable when I wear dresses :)
3.) Studded Flat Shoes. my new favorite shoe type. studs! 
4.) Kate Spade Clutch. waaahhh!! its very artsy fartsy!
5.) Red Ribbon Stiletto. so girly. I love the ribbons in front. 
6.) iPhone5s. since I lost my old phone(Samsung), I want to have a new one. please please! 

7.) Hidden Wedge. any brands will do! haha :))
8.) Neon Heels. I haven't tried any kinds of that. I'm more on pumps, but when I saw it, gossshhh!! I want it.
9.) iPad Mini. If ever I'm lazy using my laptop, iPad Mini can still work on like what laptop do.
10.)  Edgy Flats. super love fashionista flats. Its just a simple sandals but look, it is detailed.


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