Since I'm residing near BGC, why not pay a visit to one of the newest attractions in BGC, the fort. If you are a science buff, this is good for you! It's really a MUST see place. Where you will discover more more science related things. Everything is interesting.

When was the last time you visited a museum? Mine was when our school had a field-trip. It was the time when I got so amazed to the exhibits I saw. It was my first time! *no joke*
Seriously, this place is so COOL!! Outside palang, interesting na.  I'm not a museum-kid because I'm getting bored when I go to museums. haha! sorry I'm weird :)) But when I found out that MIND MUSEUM exist, WOOOAAAHH!!

THIS IS MY FAVORITE SPOT!!! I saw this on movies and I wanna try it! :)


Atom Centerpiece – The Atom Centerpiece, will contain a 3D visualization 
of the atom through a program called “Atom in a box” developed by a 
physicist. Through this, visitors will get a glimpse of how electrons behave,
which serves as important knowledge to make the electronic tools humans
use today.

Hall of Philippine Science – located at the center of The Mind Museum. It
is a must pass area which showcases Filipino scientists’ here and around 
the world, and their passion for science. 

Whale Shark – a suspended life-size and life-life model of a whale shark, locally 
known as the Butanding. 

Carbon: Basis of All Life on Earth – a game area where guests can create their own  allotropes, and thus help them understand why carbon is such a versatile atom! 

Everything is Made Up of Atoms – a sculptural exhibit that will show in one glance, the many levels of spaces inside a chocolate bar. This exhibit features a chocolate bar at its
center, which is then deconstructed to show its component structures – from 
molecules to atoms to quarks.

Rock of Ages / Mass Extinction – depicts the layering of the earth’s crust and illustrate the different 
geological ages – from the Hadean period to present. It also integrates the Mass Extinction exhibit, 
which illustrates 2 of the 5 mass extinctions that have occurred over the span of earth’s history.

The Human Brain – one of the largest exhibits in the entire museum, it is a walk 
thru exhibit where you can identify what brain part lights up when you sense, feel
or think

Light Bridge – a bridge that connects the Atom Gallery to the Universe Gallery, it is the 
only area in the museum’s mezzanine level. It contains exhibits about the different kinds
of “light” that fill the universe, whether seen or unseen by the naked eye. These 
exhibits will show museum visitors that light is beautiful, awesome and useful.

Stan, T.rex (pls type T.rex this way) – the first T.rex exhibit in the Philippines is 
named Stan, after Stan Sacrison, who in 1987 discovered the most complete 
male T.rex skeleton ever unearthed. It is cast from the real fossils.

Whirlpool – An enthralling exhibition of gravity and centripetal force. By watching balls 
spiral around a transparent funnel, visitors will be able to see that the effects of gravity in a 
playful way.

Spaceshell – The centrepiece of this gallery is a mini-planetarium that  is 8 meters in diameter and can accommodate 35-50 visitors at a time.  Instead of chairs, visitors will sit and lounge on memory foam to 
simulate lying on the ground and staring at the night sky. It will feature  films that discuss the other planets and starts, as well as debates such  as the existence of extraterrestrial life.

Outside activities

The Mind Museum at Taguig.
J.Y. Campos Park, 3rd Ave., Bonifacio Global City
Tel No.: (632) 909-6463 | Fax No.: (632) 909-6461

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