Mind Museum is located at J.Y. Campos Park, 3rd Ave., Bonifacio Global City.

They will be having an event that for sure it will be totally FUN!!!

beside from their event happening on Saturday, Nov 30, you can visit the museum on regular days to enjoy their most awesome activities! I think, this is good for people who like science so much! You can explore inside like you are in the outer space! how awesome is that right?! :)

 check it out! 

Atom Centerpiece – The Atom Centerpiece, will contain a 3D visualization 
of the atom through a program called “Atom in a box” developed by a 
physicist. Through this, visitors will get a glimpse of how electrons behave,
which serves as important knowledge to make the electronic tools humans
use today

Carbon: Basis of All Life on Earth – a game area where guests can create their own 
allotropes, and thus help them understand why carbon is such a versatile atom!

Whirlpool – An enthralling exhibition of gravity and centripetal force. By watching balls 
spiral around a transparent funnel, visitors will be able to see that the effects of gravity in a 
playful way 

and other exciting activities! :) 


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