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Speaking of movies, HUNGER GAMES caught my attention so far! This movie is not about vampires naman. Its all about districts who will fight in every year's hunger games. When I watched the first chapter, waaaahhh!! I so loved the movie and katniss!! It made my heart pops!

I bought the the complete set so that I can really understand what the story is all about.

This time, the second chapter will be shown in the Philippines! OMG!! :D
and I want  to be the first to catch it. It is sponsored by PLDT Fibr and Nuffnang!


" If you were to create a character inspired by Fibr,
what special skills would he/she have? "

My answer...

Name: Marco Jefferson
Age: 17 years old
District: 3 (Technology)
Special Skills: Excellent at Physics and can wield an electrocuted whip

Life story:
   Marco’s childhood has never been that easy, his parents died when he was young and fragile. The mayor of District 3 took care of him ever since because his parents is the most popular physicists and scientists. Marco’s parent died in a factory explosion while doing a very important research that could lead to the most wonderful invention yet; the invention that could change the whole district and even the whole country of Panem. But sadly his parent’s years of research and hard work died with them, or so they tell him.
    Marco has been skilled with electricity for years now; they say they got it from his parents. He is very skilled with the laws of physics just by reading his father’s old notes and stuff. Even though he is now the mayor’s son, he is not spoiled like the mayor’s son and daughter; who died on the previous Hunger Games. It really devastated the mayor and went into severe depression. Because of that, Marco started to train for the Hunger Games even though it is illegal. He thought “If Career Districts can train, and then I can too.” Every year he always survives the reaping while he works on his latest invention; the electric whip, which he is also very skilled to wield.
    He got reaped for the Hunger Games at the age of sixteen. He aced at almost everything; in training, interviews and even the game itself. He made allies but in the end they turned their backs on him and started to hunt him down but it’s already too late because Marco already got his electrocuted whip which is the combination of coil of wire and the energy of the barrier which surrounds the arena. He felt sad about killing and he doesn’t like the idea of it either. He doesn’t want to kill innocent people who only act in self defence. But he was forced to do kill in the name of his father (Mayor), justice and self defence. He doesn’t want to die and leave the mayor alone in this cruel world. Marco was crowned victor, survived the Victory tour and got exorbitant amount of money.
    At the age of seventeen, Marco became more and more curious about his surroundings. And he starts to find his parent’s legacy to the world. He returned to the factory where the explosion happened; he start poking on the machines, flipping burnt and old notes and even rummaging through old books that his parent’s preserved. He knows what he’s doing right now is dangerous and illegal but he doesn’t care about that now, He wanted to know more about his parent’s invention which died with them and his planning to revive it.
    He kept working and working just to find the work and draft of the program which his parent’s made. He wanted to end the Capitol’s cruelty and to end the mayor’s suffering and depression. He wanted justice. For some stupid reason, he thinks that the capitol killed his parents by dropping a bomb at the factory. With some sheer luck he found the file from his parent’s computer which he needed to repair and clean. The file; only file on their computer is called “Fibr” his eyes widened in shock and at the same time astonishment. He clicked the file and it opened into a browser which showed him a lot of things, info, data, stats and more and more things a human being could ever imagine.
    He recognized this connection; it is a connection which the capitol uses to control everything. It is the master control. But his parent’s invention shows that Fibr is even faster and stronger connection than what the capitol uses.
    Marco grinned because for the first time, he could help to over throw the capitol which is now spreading all over the news, thanks to Fibr! He hacked the capitol’s main frame and started breaking everything. He was very successful at doing this. And in the end they won. The capitol is gone, arenas were obliterated and most of all freedom is in the air once again.

(NOTE: I do not own The Hunger Games and Fibr, this is just a work of fiction and for fun.)

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