Davao celebrates Financial Freedom with SunLife

As a fitting start to the new year, the “#LiveFreePH Freedom Tour” made a stop in Davao City to continue its financial freedom rally. From January 24 to 30, Davaoenos were treated to educational booths, exciting promos, and a free concert featuring Sun Life father-son ambassadors Piolo and Inigo Pascual.


Shopee is bringing the mobile shopping revolution to the Philippines,
with its easy-to-use and safe mobile marketplace. It is a platform where users can buy and sell online at no extra cost.

Anyone can be a seller on Shopee. From pre-loved items to brand new stocks, users can quickly set up a shop by signing up for an account, snapping photos of their products,  and uploading it, then setting the price and shipping fee. For sellers who have an existing online shop on Instagram,
they can benefit from the Instagram Import feature to upload photos from their Instagram feed to their Shopee account.

Buyers and sellers are also covered by the Shopee Guarantee, ensuring each party protection from fraudulent transactions for all deals completed online. Buyers are assured to receive their ordered items, while sellers are assured to receive payments due to them once. Shopee recommends transacting within the app and making payments through Shopee Guarantee accounts in order to be protected by this feature.

Shopee Philippines launched in June 2015 and has since connected thousands of buyers and sellers to each other. It answers the many issues online buyers and sellers are faced with today like unresponsive buyers/sellers,  unpaid items, and simply unreliable listings that results in unsuccessful deals. Plus, Shopee is completely FREE! There are no registration fees or commission fees that Shopee charges.

This 11/11 (November 11, 2015), join Shopee in celebrating the world’s BIGGEST Online Shopping Day  by posting with the hashtag #Shopee1111Day! Log-in at Shopee and enjoy huge FREE gifts,  collection discounts, and hourly raffles, and more exciting digital events! Be a part of  the mobile shopping revolution and download the Shopee app today at shopee.ph/download.  Available on both Android (Google Play Store) and iOS (App Store).

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 Miss Monica 


Hello. It's weekend again, time to rest, time to blog, and time to do nothing but to sleep. hehe. I cannot believe it, I am blogging again (haha! i miss this). Sorry for my hiatus. I got too busy outside the online world though. What always keeps me busy?.  School.

College life is never that easy as everyone says. When I was in high school, I always dream of getting into college. And now that I have gone into first semester, I feel like I wanna go back to the old days, to the high school days. huhu :( but I don't have any regrets to where I am now. I am way too thankful because parents are working hard for my college.

Meeting new circle of friends, getting high grades, learning new things, get to save money, having a good time, that's how my college life went through for the first semester.
I remember from the first day of school that I sat down at the second column of the last row wearing my red pants with a white top and a cardigan on, thinking that no one wants to talk to me (how pessimistic I am), but then, there was no professor showed up for the whole day. So the block decided to have a "getting-to-know-you" moment. haha! but I only felt comfortable with these girls (on the photo) until we feel love for each other. yay! #girlbuddies ♥ ♥ ♥ 


lunch out together, hanging out always, bonding when no classes, and doing girl stuff everyday, see how fun we are pag nag sasama-sama. hehe.

A couple of months ago, we went to a school's seminar, about our course shempre, haha. The attire was corporate chic. One of my bestie, joebelle, got the chance to host the event. So cool!!

 We learned a thing or two from the speakers on that seminar.  :)



September 30, 2015 : Church Anniversary ♥  The whole family were present on that day. Thank you, Lord for the 30 years (and counting) of our church.


Visited Megan's workplace at GMA. Watched the live show of starstruck's elimination night :)


Attended the Blogapalooza 2015 at One Esplanade with Chelsi. Plus, bumped into Aj Dee :)


Antipolo trip with my youth mates.

Dinner with the high school besties ♥


Last week, we went to Jam's house in Batangas to swim at the beach and we had the time of our lives. hehe. The two-day trip was so worth it. We had so much fun.


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Have a great week, guys! mwah!

 Miss Monica 

WISHLIST: Hello BER months!

Time flies really fast na talaga no. I can't believe it, we are starting the "ber" month of the year! woah! agad agad! hahahaha. That's why I'm starting to jot down my monthly wishlist. I am happy when my friends, family or someone granting my wish/es. yey! haha. Be ready, because another lists coming up. haha.